Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taste Test: Pressed Juicery

Taste Test: Pressed Juicery

I was able to attend an opening of Pressed Juicery. I have been following Pressed Juicery on Instagram for a while now and was so excited to be able to be attend. Pressed Juicery is very minimalist in their approach to a storefront, which completments When you walk in it is simply a bare room with three registers accompanied by three happy and friendyly workers, who are eager to help. Behind them is a large refrigerator similar to the ones you find in the grocery store, where you  will find a plethora of juice flavors. With prices ranging from 6.50-8 dollars a juice, although students get a 15% discount. The juices are made same day at a different location and shipped in.

Their juice descriptions are equally simplistic. Pressed has several categories (Greens, Roots, Fruits, Citrus, Signature, Water, Coffee, Classics, and Coconut). Each category has a few flavors and listed as Greens 1, Greens 1.5, Fruits 2, etc, followed by a list of ingredients that are in each juice.
This approach really allows the consumer to find exactly what they want easily. You can also sample any flavors when you get to the register to ensure you will have a successful experience.

I was able to try a Seasonal blend (green apple, guava, pear, red leaf lettuce, romaine, spinach), two Fruit Blends (Apple, Strawberry, Lime; and Apple Strawberry, Coconut), a Signature Blend called Brazil Nut (Brazil Nut, Dates, Kale, Romaine, Sea Salt, Spinach, and Vanilla Bean), and Roots 3 (Beet, Apple, Lemon, Ginger).

They were all extremely flavorful and delicious. The Brazil Nut is a must try, although it is green, it tastes like a yummy protein shake. The Apple, Strawberry, Lime is a sensory explosion and sure to delight the most hesitant when it comes to juicing.

Delicious flavors
Lots of choices
Opportunity to create a juice cleanse

Price point is steep
Not made fresh on the spot (which may impact nutrients lost during delivery)

Have you tried Pressed Juicery? Have you tried a cleanse?

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