Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

1.Liberte Yogurt: A sweet and creamy treat. I've only tried the coconut and it was really delicious.
2.LaraBar: Healthy way to satisfy a craving. Full of whole ingredients and gluten free. Simply wonderful!
3.Nature's Path Love Crunch: Amazingly delicious. I have consumed a whole bag in a day... Really yummy.
4.GT's Kombucha: My go to drink! I love their Gingerade and Cranberry Cosmos. I wish restaurants had these on hand. Delicious and great for you!
5.Perfect Fit Protein: This protein is one of the only ones I can stomach. I've only had the Chocolate, but it also comes in Cinnamon Roll and Vanilla. Plenty of creative ways to use it on Tone It Up. Really delicious and minimal amount of ingredients.
6.Noosa Yoghurt: This is such a winner! I love Noosa! It is Austrialian yoghurt, which is a little tangy, but with their combinations, it is oh so sweet.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

App Review: Under Armour Record

App Review: Under Armour Record

Under Armour is an up and coming brand. It seems like their presence is everywhere. They recently created a basketball shoe for Stephan Curry. You can find it here. Along with adding athletes to their brand, they have created great attention with their new app, Record. Under Armour recently acquired MapMyFitness, Endomodo, and My Fitness Pal. This is quite a large acquisition, I have used all three apps and found that Record has a similar structure to MapMyFitness.  A great aspect of Record allows you to connect a large variety of devices to enhance personal fitness tracking.

You can see that Under Armour allows for the user to connect a large variety of devices and apps, including MyFitnessPal.

You can also track and log workouts and view your workouts on a feed. The feed allows you to choose between your feed and viewing your friend's feed, allowing the user to comment and like a workout.

The app also allows you to log your weight, take/upload photos and videos, track and log workouts, create posts, and log sleep. It is a comprehensive app and allows for you to also choose and create challenges that may be personal or with friedns that you invite to join.

I used MapMyFitness for running and found that it often had the best GPS tracking than my other apps (Nike+ and Strava). Record seems to be just as accurate in their GPS tracking. I really like the options that Record has for tracking and logging workouts, you can log stroller, dog, race, and distance runs as well as adding a variety of classes too.

Easy to use
Connect a variety of devices
Accurate GPS tracking
Tracks Sleep, Weight, Exercise
Ability to create challenges to complete

Not all apps and devices are available to connect

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: Food Rules

Book Review: Food Rules

Pollan writes a short, concise book filled with tips and wisdom for anyone looking to improve their health. Though this book is little, it is filled with large wisdom, 68 rules that will transform your eating habits. Food Rules teaches yo to look at food through a 'whole' approach avoiding processed foods. One of my favorite rules is "only eat products that a th

Whether you are following a diet or just looking to clean up your eating, Pollan structures great rules that all can agree with. This book isn't a diet book and these rules aren't meant to be har

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Book Review: The Skinny Rules

Book Review: The Skinny Rules

This is a very easy and quick read. I picked up this book because of the celebrity appeal. I've watched The Biggest Loser on and off for years and wanted to read an inside view of one of the trainers. Being both a teacher and a first born girl in my family, rules are easy for me to understand and follow; however, not everyone likes rules. Although this book is an easy ans quick read following these rules may take along time. Harper is convinced that these rules are 'nonnegotiable'. 

The rules are practical and make sense. This is a book based on diet not exercise, so where you will be skinny, this isn't the book that discusses overall fitness. These 'rules' are a great place to start to begin becoming aware of what a healthy diet consists of. 

My favorite rule is #1 Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every Meal-No Excuses!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Workout Wear: Dr. Scholls Active Insoles

Workout Wear: Dr. Scholls Active Insoles

When I first became a part of the  Influenster community, I received these a pair of  The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls. I had never had insoles before in any of my shoes, I didn't even think that I was one who qualified to have insoles. I have no foot, knee, or leg pain. My back has never been an issue when it comes to working out or performing daily activities, essentially my idea of insoles were for those who had a medical need for them. It's nice to sometimes be proven wrong. I was eager to try these insoles, just because I could make another excuse to go outside and hit the pavement. WOW! The cushion that these provided was incredible. I usually buy cushioned and supported running shoes due to my high arch and pronation. 

(My Moms Run This Town Buddies and Me (center)

The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls couldn't have come at a better time. My shoes were close to being retired, which meant knee pain was near. These insoles allowed me to continue running, with ZERO knee pain. Despite my shoes being expired The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls worked well, but didn't replace the notion that I needed new shoes. 

When you receive the insoles you will need to cut them to shape the insole of your running/workout shoe. This means that it is a one time use and suggest that you buy them when you receive a new pair of shoes to maximize use.

Great for all feet
Allows you to personally shape the insoles to your shoe
Provides Cushion
Added Support

Having to cut the insole to match your shoe
One time use after you have cut to match your shoe.
A new pair is needed for each additional pair

Have you had insoles before? What questions do you have about athletic insoles?

These are opinions are my own! I was not paid to give a review on this product.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Barre3 Review

Barre3 Review

I recently tried the trial version of Barre3 and absolutely loved it. As a barre instructor myself, I often have a hard time coordinating child care in hopes of making it to the gym. Most of my workout routines are at home or out on the street running. Barre3 is fabulous! They have a variety of workouts ranging from 10-60 minutes in length. It allows you to view from any device ( I used my Apple Computer, My iPhone, and my Kindle Fire). You will need to have a ball, weights, mat and chair for most videos, but there were a few videos that only required a few of these items or none at all. 

I tried quite a few of the videos ranging from 30-60 minutes. Barre3 has made it easy to do it anywhere. I mostly did the classes at home, but was able to take it with me when we went to my in-laws. One of the great features of the online Barre3 workouts are the modifications. All the workouts I watched featured 3 instructors, one taught the class, one modified the positions, and one increased the work load or did the exercises as taught. I liked this feature because it allows the viewer to find where their range and workload is. 

Barre3 also allows flexibility for those who wish to continue their membership. There are three options: monthly ($15/mo), 6 months ($70), or yearly ($120). The year membership comes with a Barre3 ball!! They also feature programs to keep you motivated (28 to Great, and 7 Day Slim Down).

Great flexibility for viewers
Advancements and modifications in each class
Programs to stay motivated
Easy to follow format
Can access from anywhere
Fun and energetic teachers

Viewers may not have access to ball or weights

Friday, February 13, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Gift Guide

Friday Favorites

It's almost Valentine's Day. Here are a few of my favorites!

1.GU Chomps in Strawberry w/ Caffeine by GU Energy Labs ($
2.S'well Bottle in Cabana ($35)
3.Women's UA Shimmer Tote by Under Armour ($39.99)
4.Hidden Dry 2 in Pink by Balega ($11.00)
5.Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch in Pink ($95)
6.Grid Foam Roller in Pink by TriggerPoint Therapy ($40)
7.Headband in Undersea Crystals  by Victoria's Secret ($12.50)
8.Be Mine by Sticky Be Socks ($15.00)
9.Plus Bar in Energy Chocolate by Greens Plus ($31.95/12 bars)
31.75/ box of 16)

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How Much Coffee Is Too Much by FitSugar
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What Do You Need To Run For Your First Marathon by NYCRunningMama

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Review: FIT2FAT2FIT

Book Review: FIT2FAT2FIT

This book title alone holds the reader captivated. The icon of a muscular build increasing in size and then toning out again, is a snapshot of what this book is a bout. Drew Manning, a personal trainer describes his frustrations with clients of his that would sign up to 'make a change,' in their life and after a few short sessions never return and give up. Manning describes a personal experience when he was training a family member of his. This client was doing well and at a family gathering Manning witnesses his client indulging a bit too much in the food, beginning a downward spiral of unhealthy eating soon leading to unhealthy living. One may read this book and see Manning as too hardcore, a tyrant against the food industry. But as the book continues and Manning decides for himself to gain weight and see IS it really THAT hard to start a workout program when you have distanced yourself from training and the gym. Mannine stops exercising and eating healthy and over the course of 6 months gains 75 lbs. He describes himself as tired, apathetic, and depressed. With gaining so much weight, Manning finds himself sabotages his healthy attempts throughout the day:

"I can't do it, it hurts."
"Food will make me feel better."
"I'm too tired to workout."
"I can't do it, it hurts."

My favorite part in the book is a chapter that is written by his wife. She not only sees how it affects Manning, her husband, but herself and their family.

"Don't judge me until you've walked  a mile in my shoes."

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Gaiam TV Review

Gaiam TV Review

Gaiam is well known for their association with yoga as well as the myraid of workout products they sell. They are a trusted brand and one that I am familiar with. Gaiam was one of the first yoga videos I watched and fell in love with the flow. So I decided to try their 10 day free trial. The website is set up similar to Netflix. There are different categories: Most Popular, Recently Added, and such. It was easy to navigate around the website. I used the search bar to help me find what I was looking for. After searching for 'yoga,' it allowed you to also advance your search by choosing a length of time, style of yoga, and instructor. I found this to be helpful after I began to find instructors that I enjoyed. There were 1141 videos on yoga, so this feature was very helpful. Gaiam TV also has inspirational videos, spiritual videos, dance and ballet, as well as meditation guides. It provides a great selection for all stages of yoga, whether you are brand new or a spiritual guru. After your 10 day free trial, it costs just $9.95 a month.

You also have the ability to save videos on your playlist. This was a wonderful feature because then I didn't have to keep looking and searching for something I might like. I would spend a few minutes before each video and find a few more I liked, it also helped me stay accountable to finishing their videos. These were the videos that I tried and LOVED:

Kathryn Budig's Aim True Yoga: Authentic Flow
Rachel Wainwright: Ballet Pilates, Pilates Booty, Yoga Pilates Morning Mix
Faith Hunter: Shiva Flow
Kate Kendall Flow Barre: Spicy Buns, Total Body Bliss
Ashley Turner: Strength and Stamina

Lots to search from
Great instructors and Sequences
A whole zen experience
My Playlist feature
App accessible from iPhone or Android Tablets
Reasonable price (9.95/mo.)

Search Bar was helpful, but could be simplified

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

1.Seamless Long Sleeve Tee by Victoria's Secret by (56.50)
2.Lululemon Wunder Under Pant Full-On Luon In Garden Party (59/00)
3.Stay Gold, Leggings by Albion Fit (78.00)
4.Wanderlove Hot Pant by Teeki (72.00)
5.Seamless Reversible Sport Bra by Victoria's Secret (39.50)
6.Goddess Ribbed Legging by Alo Yoga (94)
7.Flatter Me, Wine Hoodie by Albion Fit (68.00)
8.Knockout by Victoria Secret Capri (66.50)

Here are also some of my favorite posts this week:

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The Easiest Raw Chocolate Pudding by Fitnessista
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Product Review: WIN Detergent

Product Review: WIN Detergent

 I've immersed myself into the health and fitness industry to find what are the best products. When looking for products to add to my household, fitness routine, or diet, I first look to see how organic or environmentally sound the product is. While this is the first thing I seire, price it what will make me make the purchase. Fitness doesn't have to be a luxury, however, it sometimes seems that way when you add up workout clothes, products, gym membership, and all the gadgets and gizmos. Luckily, WIN Detergent won't ruin your carbon footprint or put a dent in your wallet.

I  never wash my workout clothes separately from my casual wear because I don't typically sweat a ton, but there is that occasional odor that lingers from a sweaty run or overactive day. So I was eager to try this product and see it it stood up to their logo: Sweat Hard Smell Great. And I have to say, they are right. WIN detergent does a quality job creating a product for everyone, they have created two products. Their blue product is their general cleaner. It has a nice clean  scent, one that is not overpowering and cleans well. I saw no color fading when using this detergent and my clothes have held up well. Their WIN GREEN detergent is what  they should be known for, it has a yellow rating on the Whole Food Eco Scale , is septic safe and approved for HE (High Efficiency) washers. As I mentioned above, I try to be as environmentally safe as I can and often use EWG (Environmental Workers Group) or something similar to see their environmental rating. I find this especially important for items that will be put on your skin, like sunscreen, makeup, or detergents.

WIN detergent is also made in the USA and the bottles are made from recycled plastic.

Good environmental rating
Cleans products well
Not overly fragrant
Made in the USA
Two options
Colors stay bright

None :)
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I received these products compliments of WIN and SweatPink. All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review: SPARTAN UP!

Book Review: Spartan Up!

Spartan races were introduced to me while watching Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell. That show is so inspiring, especially an episode when a contestant went through a Spartan race. I felt a sense of pride and immediately wanted to know more about this Spartan lifestyle. Once Spartan UP! came out, I was expecting it to filled with intense dieting and exercise routine. but that is not what this book is about. Spartan UP! describes the unfolding of what is now known as the Spartan nation. De Sena talks about his desire for adventure and how we all have a sense of wanting to explore and challenge ourselves. The book is full of participant's inspiring stories and quotes, while also empowering the reader to challenge their current state of life.
(Borrowed from

I highly recommend this book, it really has a great message of striving for and achieving greatness.

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All thoughts and opinions are my own.