Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

1.Liberte Yogurt: A sweet and creamy treat. I've only tried the coconut and it was really delicious.
2.LaraBar: Healthy way to satisfy a craving. Full of whole ingredients and gluten free. Simply wonderful!
3.Nature's Path Love Crunch: Amazingly delicious. I have consumed a whole bag in a day... Really yummy.
4.GT's Kombucha: My go to drink! I love their Gingerade and Cranberry Cosmos. I wish restaurants had these on hand. Delicious and great for you!
5.Perfect Fit Protein: This protein is one of the only ones I can stomach. I've only had the Chocolate, but it also comes in Cinnamon Roll and Vanilla. Plenty of creative ways to use it on Tone It Up. Really delicious and minimal amount of ingredients.
6.Noosa Yoghurt: This is such a winner! I love Noosa! It is Austrialian yoghurt, which is a little tangy, but with their combinations, it is oh so sweet.

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  1. Love love Larabar and Synergy! Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday! Would you mind helping me spread the word by including a link back in your post or the badge on your sidebar? Thanks so much!

  2. Well you know how I feel about granola... haha