Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Workout Wear: Dr. Scholls Active Insoles

Workout Wear: Dr. Scholls Active Insoles

When I first became a part of the  Influenster community, I received these a pair of  The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls. I had never had insoles before in any of my shoes, I didn't even think that I was one who qualified to have insoles. I have no foot, knee, or leg pain. My back has never been an issue when it comes to working out or performing daily activities, essentially my idea of insoles were for those who had a medical need for them. It's nice to sometimes be proven wrong. I was eager to try these insoles, just because I could make another excuse to go outside and hit the pavement. WOW! The cushion that these provided was incredible. I usually buy cushioned and supported running shoes due to my high arch and pronation. 

(My Moms Run This Town Buddies and Me (center)

The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls couldn't have come at a better time. My shoes were close to being retired, which meant knee pain was near. These insoles allowed me to continue running, with ZERO knee pain. Despite my shoes being expired The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls worked well, but didn't replace the notion that I needed new shoes. 

When you receive the insoles you will need to cut them to shape the insole of your running/workout shoe. This means that it is a one time use and suggest that you buy them when you receive a new pair of shoes to maximize use.

Great for all feet
Allows you to personally shape the insoles to your shoe
Provides Cushion
Added Support

Having to cut the insole to match your shoe
One time use after you have cut to match your shoe.
A new pair is needed for each additional pair

Have you had insoles before? What questions do you have about athletic insoles?

These are opinions are my own! I was not paid to give a review on this product.

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