Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Barre3 Review

Barre3 Review

I recently tried the trial version of Barre3 and absolutely loved it. As a barre instructor myself, I often have a hard time coordinating child care in hopes of making it to the gym. Most of my workout routines are at home or out on the street running. Barre3 is fabulous! They have a variety of workouts ranging from 10-60 minutes in length. It allows you to view from any device ( I used my Apple Computer, My iPhone, and my Kindle Fire). You will need to have a ball, weights, mat and chair for most videos, but there were a few videos that only required a few of these items or none at all. 

I tried quite a few of the videos ranging from 30-60 minutes. Barre3 has made it easy to do it anywhere. I mostly did the classes at home, but was able to take it with me when we went to my in-laws. One of the great features of the online Barre3 workouts are the modifications. All the workouts I watched featured 3 instructors, one taught the class, one modified the positions, and one increased the work load or did the exercises as taught. I liked this feature because it allows the viewer to find where their range and workload is. 

Barre3 also allows flexibility for those who wish to continue their membership. There are three options: monthly ($15/mo), 6 months ($70), or yearly ($120). The year membership comes with a Barre3 ball!! They also feature programs to keep you motivated (28 to Great, and 7 Day Slim Down).

Great flexibility for viewers
Advancements and modifications in each class
Programs to stay motivated
Easy to follow format
Can access from anywhere
Fun and energetic teachers

Viewers may not have access to ball or weights

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