Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Stay Fit and Healthy This Spring

Happy Spring!!

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With the Spring season we often think of flowers blooming, beautiful sunny days and trees  in blossom; however, so me of you may be experience the dreaded spring allergies. I was hit by a pollen bus last week, and am now recovering from scratchy throat, plugged ears, constant sneezing, and bathing myself in antibacterial. Which found me pondering, "How can I stay healthy during this season," when it almost seems doomed that I'll be sniffing Flonase and carrying a box of Kleenex with me.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to make sure you won't be confined to your bedroom this Spring.

1. Drink Lots of Water. It's important to stay hydrated, it's one more thing tthat can cause you to stay strong against the cold and flu bugs. Nothing is worse than experiencing a double dose of allergies and cold/flu symptoms.

2. Stay  Moderately Active. It may not be the best idea to head out for a walk/run in the midst of pollen season, but staying moderately active can help fight against any major issues. Although Bikini Season is around the corner, choose activities that are low impact, but efficient (i.e, HIIT, Elliptical, Walking, strength training, yoga, barre, Pilates, etc.)

3. Schedule in 1-2 REST days each week. Moderately exercising is important for your health. Although many of us are looking to lose weight this season, over-exerciseing can deflate your immune system leaving it vulnerable or  catching a bug. Choose a few days to give your body rest.

4. Incorporate Honey into your Diet. Honey has antibacterial properties that can fight against both allergies and cold and flu bugs. I try to take a spoonful of honey each day ( I have an allergy blend that I got from Whole Foods). Allergy blends are a type of honey that is made from pollination of local flowers/flowering trees Also for colds you can combine a teaspoon of hone, juice from half a lemon and hot water into your coffee mug and have a soothing tea to clear throats and aid in feeling better.

Good luck this season!

Comment below of any tips or tricks you have to fight against Allergy season.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Make Fitness a Lifestyle and Not Just a Routine

How to Make Fitness a Lifestyle and Not Just a Routine

I've walked the fine line of working out and healthy living, and working out to lose a few pounds and working out obsessively, that for over a year, I never took a rest day.

Extreme exercise was ever present after having a child. I typically ran 6 days a week, about 28 miles a week. I also included an additional 60-90minutes of strength training on top. Occasionally I'd add a hot yoga session in on days that I didn't strength train. I was the fittest I'd ever been. I had energy that allowed me to play with my daughter and went to work happy that I had exercised. However, on days that I woke up late, or didn't get lots of rest (this happens from time to time as a parent). I found myself grouchy and frustrated, thinking "I have to get a run in." Then 1-2 after a run, I'd be a happier person.

However, I knew this wasn't healthy, in the back of my mind I often put exercising over personal health, I devoted EVERYTHING to making sure that I was able to wake up in the morning an fit into my jeans (which is ironic, because I worked out so much that I usually just stayed in fitness clothes all day).

Eventually, I have come to let it go and be more moderate in my exercise. Instead of size being my motivator, it is more about endurance. Do I have enough endurance to run 3 miles? Am I getting stronger? Can I do the splits? Focusing on cardio, strength, and flexibility, seems to be a better overall achievement when it comes to fitness and healthy living.

I have read several books on myths of exercising, and I'm sure you have seen articles boasting about shorter jogs being better for you than long distance. Sure you will shead more pounds the more you work out, but are you compromising your health as you are doing it?

Here are a few tips on how to focus on staying and keeping fit, while making time for other things.

1. Create a morning routine: I usually wake up, get coffee, read my Bible, and then make time to workout. Occasionally, I will meet up some of my friends for a stroller run, so on those days I have time for cleaning, blogging, or other activities that need my attention in the morning. I enjoy working out in the morning because there are still quiet moments and then I've already exercised and can actually put on those jeans.

2. Make time for other activities in your life: This past Christmas I got a Kindle Fire, and was so excited to be able to read on the fly, without working about a giant book fitting in my purse.

3. Have REST days: REST is just as important as exercising. Not only is it physically healing, but also mentally rewarding. It becomes part of your routine more when you have the availability of have a few days off. If you need to schedule them do so. I operate the fact that I plan to workout everyday, os if something comes up and I'm not able to, then I have a rest day, and something ALWAYS comes up. :)

4. Have fun: Look for activities that are fun. Incorporate some thing new into your routine, whether it is a new workout, location, style of exercise, keeping it new and exciting will help your will power on those difficult mornings.

5. Find a friend to workout with you: As I mentioned I have friends who run with me on occasion. We strap up our kids in the stroller and head off on a 3-5 mile route. It is so much more fun having someone there to keep you entertain as you climb hills or burn those thighs.

6. Self-evaluate: Check in from time to time about how you are feeling while working out. Try to step back and look at the overall picture. Are you spending too much time? Are you not spending enough? Is a part of your life suffering due to this schedule? This helps keep fitness in perspective. and that it is a journey and not a finish line.

I hope you find this helpful. Share in the comments below ways that keep you motivated and in check about your fitness.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Shades of Grey

Friday Favorite: Shades of Grey

1.Yoga Top with Inner Top by H & M at 24.95
2.adidas 'Run' Print Tight  by Stella McCartney at 100.00
3.Bungalow Hoodie in Heather Grey by Joah Brown for 72.00
4.'Yoga Sling 2" Sandal by Sanuk at 37.95
5.Summit Half-Zip, Zig Zag by Albion Fit at 74.00
6.All-Shirred Up Pullover by Zella at Nordstroms at 38.50

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What is your favorite way to shake up your routine?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taste Test: Pressed Juicery

Taste Test: Pressed Juicery

I was able to attend an opening of Pressed Juicery. I have been following Pressed Juicery on Instagram for a while now and was so excited to be able to be attend. Pressed Juicery is very minimalist in their approach to a storefront, which completments When you walk in it is simply a bare room with three registers accompanied by three happy and friendyly workers, who are eager to help. Behind them is a large refrigerator similar to the ones you find in the grocery store, where you  will find a plethora of juice flavors. With prices ranging from 6.50-8 dollars a juice, although students get a 15% discount. The juices are made same day at a different location and shipped in.

Their juice descriptions are equally simplistic. Pressed has several categories (Greens, Roots, Fruits, Citrus, Signature, Water, Coffee, Classics, and Coconut). Each category has a few flavors and listed as Greens 1, Greens 1.5, Fruits 2, etc, followed by a list of ingredients that are in each juice.
This approach really allows the consumer to find exactly what they want easily. You can also sample any flavors when you get to the register to ensure you will have a successful experience.

I was able to try a Seasonal blend (green apple, guava, pear, red leaf lettuce, romaine, spinach), two Fruit Blends (Apple, Strawberry, Lime; and Apple Strawberry, Coconut), a Signature Blend called Brazil Nut (Brazil Nut, Dates, Kale, Romaine, Sea Salt, Spinach, and Vanilla Bean), and Roots 3 (Beet, Apple, Lemon, Ginger).

They were all extremely flavorful and delicious. The Brazil Nut is a must try, although it is green, it tastes like a yummy protein shake. The Apple, Strawberry, Lime is a sensory explosion and sure to delight the most hesitant when it comes to juicing.

Delicious flavors
Lots of choices
Opportunity to create a juice cleanse

Price point is steep
Not made fresh on the spot (which may impact nutrients lost during delivery)

Have you tried Pressed Juicery? Have you tried a cleanse?

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review: When You Eat At the Refrigerator, Pull Up A Chair

 Book Review: When You Eat At the Refrigerator, Pull Up A Chair

Though this book be small, it is packed with 50 short chapters of healing wisdom. Roth does a wonderful job of reshaping the reader's view of food and dieting. Her approach is both blunt and caring, it is obvious she is aware of the pain and hurt that comes with eating/dieting. Roth writes to inspire and help make the reader aware of their harmful or misleading ways of approaching food. Some of the titles you will find in this book give a great look as to what wisdom you will find:
Whatever You Do Don't Diet
Learn To Recognize a Fat-and-Ugly Attack
Learn the Difference Between Self-Indulgence and Self-Kindness
Carry a Chunk of Chocolate Everywhere
When You Are Not Hungry, Beauty is Better Than Bonbons

Roth would rather have the reader consume an entire box of chocolates than abstain from it because the effects of consuming that much will likely cause us to abstain from it longer, than just our sheer will power or guilt.

 A few lasting quotes to encourage you even more to pick of this gem and read:

 "The basic message for a diet is that if you let yourself go, you will devour the universe."
"The 4th law of the universe is that for every diet, there is an equal and opposite binge."
"Deprivation, fear, shame, and guilt do not have and never will lead to long-lasting change."
"Long lasting change can only come through kindness to yourself, curiosity about what you do, and a willingness to act on your own behalf."
"Keep an ongoing list of the instructions you obey or feel guilty about not obeying."
"Since fat is responsible for satiety, when you don't eat enough fat, you never feel full."

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

1.Liberte Yogurt: A sweet and creamy treat. I've only tried the coconut and it was really delicious.
2.LaraBar: Healthy way to satisfy a craving. Full of whole ingredients and gluten free. Simply wonderful!
3.Nature's Path Love Crunch: Amazingly delicious. I have consumed a whole bag in a day... Really yummy.
4.GT's Kombucha: My go to drink! I love their Gingerade and Cranberry Cosmos. I wish restaurants had these on hand. Delicious and great for you!
5.Perfect Fit Protein: This protein is one of the only ones I can stomach. I've only had the Chocolate, but it also comes in Cinnamon Roll and Vanilla. Plenty of creative ways to use it on Tone It Up. Really delicious and minimal amount of ingredients.
6.Noosa Yoghurt: This is such a winner! I love Noosa! It is Austrialian yoghurt, which is a little tangy, but with their combinations, it is oh so sweet.

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