Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Review: Crazy, Sexy Diet

Book Review: Crazy, Sexy Diet

A wealth of information, this book is filled with great recipes, encouraging words, and amazing facts. I was shocked at all that I learned. It also contains Kris Carr's purpose for writing this book. In short, Carr found out she had cancer and decided to do something about it, using food as her medicine. Carr explains in great detail and clarity how food can be both destructive and healing. There are some intriguing topics that are contained in this book that are pretty convincing.

Crazy, Sexy Diet is for a vegan/vegetarian diet. She discusses issues with meat, both it's treatment and the processing it goes through as well as how we digest and how our body processes it. Karr is encouraging in her approach and realizes that a 60/40 goal, 60 for the diet, 40 percent not. 
Karr creates a wonderful book that will have both your soul and body satisfied.

Her cookbook is a wonderful addition to Crazy, Sexy Diet.

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