Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shoe Review: Under Armour Micro G Neo Mantis

Shoe Review: Under Armour Micro G Neo Mantis

A lightweight shoe that packs power. When I ordered these shoes I wanted gobsmacked sure I ordered a road shoe that has some stabilization qualities, but also allowed for ease. When I received them in was a little worried that the tread was too thin and would wear off within a few runs. I'm glad to say that's having  held up well after nearly 100 miles.

These shoes fit well and are very comfortable. I have  lots of space in the toe be  of the shoe, but are snug around the arch. A perfect fit. 

Also this shoe gave  me no issues as I began to break in these shoes. I am always thrilled when I buy new running shoes and can't wait to break them in, but hate when I come back from a run sore an  with aches and pains. These shoes HAD NONE of those problems.

Here is data from some of my runs:

Great fit
Good support
Tread is durable
Price: 68 (as of 1/8/15)

Low tread (which means shortest shoe life)

I also rotate my shoes, which helps increase their life span (these really are my babies :).

Do you rotate your shoes? If so, how often?

 These thoughts are my own. I was not compensated for these shoes.

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