Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Workout Wear: CrossTraining Tank

I was lucky enough to have won a giveaway on Instagram and win a Cross Training Tank. I have been following Cross Training  Couture for a while now! Love their interpretation of scripture through the lens of a fitness enthusiast like myself. I won the following product:

I must say that even though I liked the look of it. The feel of this tank is so much better. It comes up to the chest, just enough to cover a sport bra. It is a very thin cotton and fits loosely, allowing it to flow with you through downward dog or Kettlebell swings. I love the detail of the back where it gathers just below the neck. I find this to be a bit of a feminine tough, and much appreciate it during my seat sessions. It is long enough to cover the entire torso and a bit further.  A wonderful treat to keep you feeling dainty in even the toughest of poses.

Soft material
Great design
Feminine detail
Longer torso

Loose ( may expose core in inversion poses)

What product would you like to see a review for?

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