Friday, January 30, 2015

Product Review: Portable Pilates Studio

Product Review: Portable Pilates Studio

I was able to try out the Portable Pilates Studio. I was so excited when the brown box was awaiting at my door. I opened it up and assembled it quickly and easily. That night I put in the DVD and completed all three workouts.

What I loved about it was how versatile it was. Sure, its a little big and I probably won't take it to the park, but I can use it standing, sitting, or lying down.

What I really liked about Empower Fitness is the support they have for women. After having a baby, I have been eager to get back into shape. It's not easy, day after day, to find the motivation to stay fit and well. I appreciate their ability to provide products and quick workouts for those of us with little to no time. Even though my love for running can dominate my workout schedule, I love to throw in new things. When I got to try out the Portable Pilates studio, I went online and  found that they have other fun exercise tools.

The other great thing about Empower Fitness is that they have a site for workouts that are available here on their website.

I found that there was a lot this piece of equipment could do. The videos guide you in a routine that has you put the feet in the hoops. The routine was both fun and challenging (I struggled when it came to my hip flexors and my arms were burning.).
It's a little big, but not bulky. I found it to be slimmer than my yoga mat and fit nicely in my mat carrier. It runs for 29.99 plus it comes with a DVD I thought it was pretty reasonable for how much it accomplishes!!

I have used it a few time on my own, and also as a balance bar. It is easy to slip the bands off the ends of the bar. 

Great workout
Easy to assemble and use
Workouts fun

Can't take it anywhere (like a yoga mat or running shoes)

Sponsored by Empower Fitness. These opinions are my own :)

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