Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Workout Wear: Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

Workout Wear: Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

This will be the second pair of Balega socks that I own. These are truly magcal. I won't say taht they make you faster (although I do run faster when I wear them because I'm so excited). These are socks that get you excited about running. The are soft and thick, but are breathable. Although they may feel a little sweaty after a long run, I don't feel any discomfort (maybe that's the hidden comfort)

Looking at the sock it looks like any other comfy sock, but upon closer inspection you begin to see all the goodness. There are three styles of weaving on the top of the sock. There is a thick band across the top of the foot, below the toes, that has some pocketed stitching, creating air flow. Above, below and to the sides of that is another type of stitching. This is much more thin when stretched than the previous band described. There is also a V-shaped pattern on both the above and below the thicker band in the center. This creates a bit of a pull, so as to hold the thinner stitching together.

The bottom and part of the top of the sock features no stitching. I like this feature. I do appreciate the socks that features compression bands around the arch of the foot, but sometimes  they cause pain to my foot. This sock doesn't have that issue. I feel like I'm at a spa when I wear this socks. It also has that thicker band above the heal, preventing blisters from occurring when wearing shoes.

The inside feels and looks like a little towel. This is probably to collect any moisture that is released during those heart pumping workouts. Another reason they may feel damp upon removal.

This is such an amazing sock, you'll not want to take it off.

Prevents blisters

Feel damp after longer wears
Pilling after a few washes

How do socks help your workout?

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